Weddings at St. Joseph the Worker

General Information


Please contact the parish office at 801.255.8902, at least six months in advance so that we can work with you to prepare for your wedding, and get the necessary classes and paperwork completed. 


Either the bride or groom need to be a registered member of the parish for at least 6 months before requesting to be married or contacting the parish office. After you have met with a Priest or a Deacon and completed your paperwork, you will need to take an “Engaged Encounter” class, and a “Natural Family Planning” class from the diocese.  Please visit for a schedule of classes or call Veola Burchett from the Diocese at 801-328-8641. 


The donation for a wedding is $600.00. Please note: None of these fees go to the officiating priest or deacon. If you wish to make a gift to the presider, it should be done separately and must be clearly indicated as a personal gift.